Improved Basic Tools

Published by Seth5443 on Mon, 07/27/2015 - 19:54
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Improved Basic Tools is an mod (You don't say) that lets you craft better tools with the regular minecraft materials. Like an improved Iron Sword, which will consume iron blocks instead of iron bars to be crafted, but in exchange, it deals more damage and haves much more durability.


Current Mod Version: 0.01


Whats now craftable:

Improved Iron Sword (deals much more damage, 4000 durability)

Diamond Katana (Deals a ton of damage, low durability)

Golden CrossBow (Shoots like if it was a gun, no charge time needed, puts arrows on fire, its color can be customised, Expensive to craft, uses arrows as Ammo)

Golden CrossBow Parts (there are 7 parts)


Plans for the future:

Add improved pickaxes, axes and shovels.

Add more customization to the CrossBow (Able to chance between all the colors, But only if people request.)

Improved TNT

Verenium (An surprise)


An alternate dimension

Ideas from the comments


Images (By the way, yes, my pixel art took a little bit of changes, i've been trying to change the matises and stuff)

Improved Iron Sword, does this sword looks familiar to you?

Diamond Katana

Golden Crossbow with all its parts assembled, can be fully customized to look full-golden with an yellow dye



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