Pickaxe+ Mod

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The Mod Pickaxes+ Mod Version is 1.0.0 currently running on minecraft 1.8.x

It adds 6 new pickaxes Planning to do more and adds 1 Multi Tool

This Mod has 10 Mods Currently

Usual Digging Obsidian times for each Pickaxe

Bedrock Pickaxe - 2.55s

Emerald Pickaxe - 7.68s

Diamond MultiTool - 12.80s

Ice Pickaxe - 62. s

BonePickaxe - 62. s

Redstone Pickaxe - 125. seconds

The Pickaxes Above 13s mining time have really high enchantability

The Bedrock Pickaxe Cannot Be enchanted

The pickaxes are crafted as usual with the correct items as thier name says

Except the nether and the diamond MultiTool which the nether Pickaxe is crafted with 3 units of nether brick (BRICK NOT BLOCK) 

the diamond MultiTool mines other items than obsidian better including dirt,grass and others too and deals 13 hearts of damage and is crafted with 1 diamond block nether star and another diamond block beside each other these are the 3 units.

Modification files
Pickaxe+ Mod.zip - Version 1.0.0Uploaded on: 08/07/2015 - 21:45   File size: 110.53 KB