Beyond View Version 2.0.0

Submitted by AOCAWOL on Fri, 08/14/2015 - 01:13

Hi guys AOCAWOL here for an exciting revamp of beyond view! this mod is not compatible with beyond veiw or techo craft (My previus mods) i will be having addons to this so stay tunned more upates as well! 

This mod adds:


Dry Plains Biome:

its a plains biome thats dry no villages added yet!


Will have a very big purpose in the future!


Will have a very big purpose in the future!

Cobblestone Table:

Its a decoration

Spawn Pad:

 Allows user to set there spawnpoint where ever the block is!

Tiki Villager:

Will have a use in the future

Press I for update info!

nothing there yet


Pls do not reuse this mod as your own and comment below if you want this in a mod pack or send me a link to your mod showcase of it!                                   




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