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This is my first mod. Sorry If you do not like it. I'm sure pixel artist's are going to like it!   Mod is currently on Alpha, so there are not many pixels. Note: I WILL remove that version tracker. (Pixel Artist v0.0.1 thing.)   Features: - White Pixel - Black Pixel - Green Pixel - Purple Pixel - Blue Pixel - Light Blue (LBlue) Pixel - Yellow Pixel - GBlock Pixel - Red Pixel - Annoying Version Tracker   You can suggest me more colors. My e-mail is: biletech@gmail.com   Note for Half-Life fanboys: Yes, GBlock name comes from G-Man
Modification files
Pixel Artist v0.0.1.jar - Pixel Artist v0.0.1Uploaded on: 08/15/2015 - 14:59   File size: 2.52 MB