Potion Block Mod 1.8

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Potion Block Mod

The potion block mod adds blocks into the game that when stood on gives you different potion effects!

Currently the mod has four blocks, each with a different effects.


  • Swiftness
  • Jump Boost
  • Slowness
  • Blindness

The effects last for 5 seconds and they have an amplifier of 3.

All the blocks have crafting recipes and can be found deep underground.

Crafting recipes:

Block of Swiftness:


Block of Jump Boost:


Block of Slowness:


Block of Blindness:



This mod is still in alpha stages and is a bit buggy, if you would like to report any bugs, this is my email:


I plan to be adding to this mod frequently, make sure to update to the latest version of the mod for a better experience.

If you would like to suggest any ideas, please do send me an email.

NOTE:  This is my first mod so things won't be perfect, but I try my best.

Questions you may ask:

Q: How frequently do you update? A: I try to update at least once a month.

Q: How are these blocks usefull? A: You could make parkour maps, traps and anything you think of!

Q: Will be adding just blocks with different potion effects? A: I plan to add items to can cause different effects, as I said, I update freqently.

If you any queries about the mod, please email me and I will respond eventually.

Modification files
SwiftBlockMod1.2Alpha.zip - The mod file.14.57 KB