EnderRPG 1.3.0

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This mod is in BETA, duh.

This is a RPG style mod that focuses on Teirs of weapons and tools. And guess what? the Hoe gets love in this mod... Anyway, lets get started!


  • Added Sapphire Ore
  • Added Garnet Ore
  • Added Garnet Toolset (No armor currently)
  • Added Sapphire Toolset (No armor currently)
  • Added Garnet Gem
  • Added Sapphire Shard

1.3.0 Is Out! this is a MASSIVE update, with a new boss (curenntly glitched spawning) also, a mob addon is coming out soon! heres the changelog!

  • Added Radaint Siphon
  • added Radiant Ingot
  • Added Raidiant Reactor (Click the button when you have Bowl of a Kingdom in inventory for a Radiant Core)
  • Added Radiant Armor (Untransfused, Crafted normally)
  • Added Transfused Radiant Armor (The armour peice and a Radiant Core)
  • Added Bowl of a Kingdom (Bowl shape with Radiant ingots and a garnet in the middle, currently only used for shard, soon to attact Survivors)
  • Added "Rare Monster Drop" Creative Tab
  • Added Radiant Rifle gun and Radiant Bullets
  • Added Shadow Scout
  • Added Shadow Transfuser (1 Radiant Core to get Radiant Rifle, 1 Radiant core for 64 Radaint Bullets, Dropped from Shadow Scout)
  • Added Shadow Ore
  • Added Shadow Essence
  • Added Shadow Scout Boots (Summons shadow scout, Currently bugged)
  • Added Nonexistance (Your not supposed to find this biome, it looks exactly the same as Plains)

Quick overview of Shadow scout fight!

The Shadow scout is a different kind of Boss. He does no damage, but when you hit it, it will run really fast, and since you cant get the raidiant rifle, there is no fast way to kill him the first time. Note that this boss has 300 health, hence being a time consuming boss to fight, even with the Radiant Rifle (strongest weapon of 1.3.0)


There isnt that many bugs, but I might as well state them, and you guys can help me fix them.

  • Shadow Scout Doesnt Summon Right, making a unkillable no Ai statue.
  • Shadow Transfuser has a Gui Glitch
  • Tools dont Render as Tools
  • The Armour name is messed up.
  • Radiant Armor and Transfused Radiant armour currently have the same texture, but different sprites
  • Raidant ingots are Extremely expensive
  • Slight Render glitch with the Shadow Transfuser in-hand
  • Shadow scout ID is 'Shadowmage"
  • Shadow Transduser doesnt Drop

That about it! Thanks for downloading, i will have a Review later today! (8/20/15)

Modification files
1.3.0 EnderRPG Beta.zipUploaded on: 08/20/2015 - 13:07   File size: 311.71 KB

Looks cool. But for the summoning bug, try adding and Sided Check to it.
It will solve all bugs with gost entitys.
Like this:
//summoning code here

I think the reason the shadow scout's id is Shadowmage is maybe you named the techne model shadowmage. It says to name the mob exactly the same as the techne model. try renaming/resaving the techne model as "Shadow Scout" and renaming the mob the same thing. I'm pretty sure that'd be it.