Fight+ Mod!

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In development
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The mod doesn't work on multiplayer!

This mod adds new armors, weapons, mobs, and items!

The minimum target for this mod is:

>40 Weapons

>17 Mobs

>3 Bosses

>10 Armors

>And maybe a new dimension

Currently there are 17 weapons, 2 bosses, 3 armors and 4 mobs!

The mobs:

>The Reaper (Boss)

>The Ocean King (Boss)

>Knight Zombie Pigman

>Mutilated Zombie

>Mutant Spider

>Water Knight

The weapons:




>Classic Axe

>Shadow Sword


>Heaven's Power

>Laser Swords (of diamond, of redstone, of ender and ultra laser sword)

>Ender's Power

>Star Fury


>Iron Bar

>Log With A Nail

>Toma Hawk

The Armors:

>Water Armor

>Ender Armor

>Camo Armor

>H.E.V. Mk. 4 Suit

Images coming soon!


Modification files
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