Raphazak's RPG Mod [Alpha 0.2]

Published by IuStrenght on Sat, 09/19/2015 - 11:24
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This is my new mod called "Raphazak's RPG MOD"

The mod will recive Daily Updates!...So, i started this mob beacuse of tehnical problems from The Dream Mod

Sorry, i don't was at home to make the next version, so, the next update will big!

ToDo List

1.Make mobs
2.Make 8 new dimensions
3.Make New Ores
4.Find and Solve Bugs

Developers :

Maker : Raphazak
Some ideas : L0LPlays


Alpha 0.1 - Rilmite Storm Update :

Added Rilmite Ore, Fragments, Gems, Tools and Armor

Added Rilmite Block (Used to make the portal to the Rilmite Dimension)

Added Rilmite Ball (Used to make the portal to the Rilmite Dimension)

Added Rilmite Dimension

Added Azurite Ore and Azurite Fragments

Alpha 0.2 - The Blue Update :3 :

Added Azurite Gem, Tools And Armor, and a little bit more special item, Azurite Ball

Added Blue Dirt (Hard to brake with shovel, but easy with pickaxe, i will solve this problem in the next update!)

Added Chrome Ore(for next update)

Added Azurite Dimension


Rilmite Items - Good for start :

The Rilmite Fragments

The Rilmite Gems...Very Usefull!

The Rilmite Tools...Good for Start!

I forget to make the shovel image!

The Rilmite Ball :

The Rilmite Block :

Azurite Items :

Azurite fragments :

Azurite gems :

Azurite Tools :
Same to the Rilmite Tools!

Azurite Armor :

Sorry but i forget to put the image for boots :(

Azurite Ball :


Azurite Block :



Hey Raphazak, I Just Wanted To Say This Mod Is AMAZING. Im One Of The People Who Downloaded Sooo... Yeah. Oh And Check Out My RPG. Its Called Kraytaya RPG. Have A Good Day! :3