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From the creator of Festivecraft...welcome to Holiday Craft! This mod adds features from all different holidays and events throughout the year!



The first release of Holiday Craft features many things all relating to Halloween.
For a full list, see the changelog.


Spooky Ore:
Spooky Ore is the main ore for the Halloween section of the mod. Drops two Essence of Scare on mining which is used for a large amount of the recepies. It is a rare ore but easy to find in cave as it glows brightly and emits purple particles.

Decorative Blocks: Spooky Wood and Spooky Brick
Use these decorative blocks to spruce up your spooky house or haunted house!

The Fooder is an interactive block which is used to convert apples into Food Dust, the main crafting ingredient for crafting the new foods!


There are three materials included in the Halloween Update: Haunted Ingot, Essence of Scare, and Food Dust
Haunted Ingots are crafted using iron ingots and Essence of Scare and are used to make strong tools.


There is one new tool set included in the Halloween Update, the Haunted Set. This includes: Haunted Axe, Haunted Hoe, Haunted Pickaxe, Haunted Shovel and Haunted Sword. These tools have 666 durability.
One more tool is The Axe of the Headless Horseman. This axe cannot be crafted in survival mode and is only available in creative.


There are several foods included in the Halloween section of Holiday Craft. These include: Flavoured Lollies (in strawberry, orange, lemon, mint, and melon), oranges, strawberries, lemons, mint, and toffee apples. As well as their crafting components such as: Bucket of Sugar, Bucket of Syrup, and Bucket of Caramel. The crafting recepies are shown at the end of the description.


The ghost is a peaceful mob, hovering one block above the ground. Drops Essence of Scare upon death.

Halloween Spider:
Very similar to a normal spider and drops Essence of Scare upon death.

If you kill these mobs, you won't have to rely on finding Spooky Ore as it is quite rare.



Spooky Wood

Spooky Brick

Haunted Ingot

Bucket of Sugar

Bucket of Syrup

Bucket of Caramel





Strawberry Flavoured Syrup (Place the Strawberry Syrup into the crafting table again to get Strawberry Lollies)

Orange Flavoured Syrup (Place the Orange Syrup into the crafting table again to get Orange Lollies)

Lemon Flavoured Syrup (Place the Lemon Syrup into the crafting table again to get Lemon Lollies)

Mint Flavoured Syrup (Place the Mint Syrup into the crafting table again to get Mint Lollies)

Watermelon Flavoured Syrup (Place the Watermelon Syrup into the crafting table again to get Watermelon Lollies)

Toffee Apple



v1.0.0 (Halloween Update)
*Initial Release
+Spooky Ore
+Spooky Wood
+Spooky Brick
+Essence of Scare
+Haunted Ingot
+Haunted Tools
+Food Dust
+Fooder (Convert apples for Food Dust)
+Lollies (5 Flavours)
+Halloween Spider



v1.1.0 (Summer/Winter Update) (Release: November)
-Two new ores
-New foods
-New decorative blocks
-Beach Umbrellas (?)
-Snowmen (Decorative)


v1.2.0 (Christmas Update) (Release: Early December)


I am always open to suggestions so feel free to post in the comments!

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