Spy Tools Mod

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Want to be a successful spy? Download the Spy Tools Mod to be successful in the business. You can play with stuff such as: Exploding Pens(which is shown in the mod image), Dimension Swappers and More! The models look so detailed and realistic! You can even look stylish and professional by using the spy tuxedo included with the mod. To make the mod even better; we will be updating it more to make it way better than it already is! So what are you waiting for??? Download Spy Tools Version 1.1.1 today! Also, comment to request ideas for future updates for the mod, and you could have your idea in the next version.


 (Special Thanks to JC1400,Echo__Illusion,and Waddleslover2000 for helping make this mod possible)

Modification files

Thanks for all of the great reviews. We have encountered 1 bug with the Hostage spawn egg. Therefore we will take it out. Sorry for the inconvenience.