World of Adventure

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Introducing the World of Adventure mod!!


This Mod adds in a lot of stuff so I am going to update this mod Category by Category.

What this mod adds in is mostly adventure themed stuff like new dimensions and cool blocks and mobs.


Credits: MCreator, Mojang, GimpShop(GNU Image Manipulation Program),, Windows 8.1/10 and, Oracle.



First Update: Magic Scrolls

Future Update: New Dimension(s), Item(s), Block(s)


Scrolls are items that can be consumed and give special effects.




Scroll of Healing

Scroll of Speed

Scroll of Strength

Scroll of Confusion

Scroll of Resistance

Scroll of Saturation

Scroll of Haste

Scroll of Invisibility

Scroll of Night Vision

Scroll of Health Boost

Scroll of Jump Boost


Magic Scroll Writer (W.I.P. --- you will see why)


Recipe for Magic Scroll

Recipe for Magic Scroll Writer




None so far...


Tell me if you notice any bugs and/or glitches

Modification files - Magic Scrolls UpdateUploaded on: 11/25/2015 - 19:51   File size: 85.25 KB