More GUIs 0.0.1 Beta (OLD)

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Are sick of using command blocks and other things to teleport or trade items? If you are then this is the mod for you. This mod is called More GUIs.

It adds 5 new GUIs and 1 block. There will be more GUIs in future updates. This mod makes minecraft a little bit easy but isn't too OP.  It makes it more fun too. I really hope you all enjoy and give me new ideas. Yes, this mod can be used in mod packs!

Version 0.0.1 Beta Adds a new block that allows you to trade 1 diamond for 4 Iron or Burn all your items, adds 4 New GUIs which is opened by pressing G, T, K, or J

Modification files
More GUIs 0.0.1 - More GUIs 0.0.1 BetaUploaded on: 04/22/2017 - 19:55   File size: 43.51 KB