Hardened Golden Stuff and portal Mod 1.8

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Fan of gold but gold breaks to easily?Well, with this mod you can actually craft your favourite gold tools which they will brake on 700 hits!Cool right?Download this mod now if u like it.Golden Armor will be exist on the next update please be patient!

If you dont have forge and wish it to download it get it from here: http://files.minecraftforge.net/


Update 2 is here download the latest versions only

Update 2 Includes:

Added Hardened Golden Helmet

Added Hardened Golden Chestplate

Added Hardened Golden Leggings

Added Hardened Golden Boots

Golden Man Mob can now move and attack

Fixed Golden Portal Texture

Added Golden Steak and Golden Cooked Steak




Update 3 will come on December 5!

Update 3 Includes:

Added Golden Flowers that gives golden ingots

Added Golden Zombie

Added Hardened Golden Block

Added Potion Of Golden Power

Added Golden Bow

Added Golden Arrow


Update 4 will come on December 15!

Update 4 Includes:

Will Be Added Golden Coal

Will Be Added Golden Charcoal

Will Be Added Golden Bottle

Will Be Added Golden Chest

Will Be Added Golden Gurdian

Will Be Added Golden Pig

Will Be Added Golden Porkchop

Will Be Added Cooked Golden Porkchop

 Copyright 2015 deluxe197 all right reserved.

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Hardened Golden Stuff and portal Mod 1.8 Update 3.jar - Update 3 DownloadUploaded on: 03/07/2017 - 19:23   File size: 5.89 MB

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