GooCraft mod 1.8

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Welcome to GooCraft!

This is my first mod so don't hate me for it. Here is the stuff the mod contains. I did not make any videos for the mod, so sorry for that and also sorry for the bad english. Please leave a comment on this mod. Thank you.

- 5 Goo Blocks. Each with its own specail ability. (when standing on or right clicked)

- Goo Armour. Each with its special ability again.

-  6 Super Goo Bows. Again each with its own special ability when shot or hit a block.(The bows use pieces of goo as ammo. The super goo bow uses piece of yellow goo)

- 1 Goo Creature (Removed)

- 1 Goo food and 5 pieces of goo.

- 2 Goo tools. The Goo staff is a multitool and when right clicked in the air, you will summon lighting (the sword is WIP)

- Each type of goo can be find and mined in the world. They drop goo pieces which is made to craft the other stuff.

-Creative tab for the diffrent kinds of goo and pieces.The weapons, tool and food are i thier normal creative tab.

New Updates!

-Green Goo Bow

-Creative goo box ( right click on it. also this may cause lag! )



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In development
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