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This is my second mod. Sorry again for my bad english and the ugly textures. Please Give me give me feedback on my mod. I put alot of evord in this mod :D

What this mod contains is:

- 3 royal tools! ( right click them. They are not like axes or those things. it's special tools. )

- 5 royal gun and bullets

- 2 royal blocks when right clicked opens a GUI and 1 royal buffer (stand on it and right click on the tnt block )

- 1 royal plant ( used to make the special diamond

- 1 special diamond block used in crafting in this mod and 3 pieces of special diamonds

- Royal dirt, ore and grass blocks!

- royal tools and armor

- royal dimension ( WIP ) ( Use Very Special diamond block as the base for the portal and use the royal igniter to ignite it )

- 3 Day and night tools ( royal day, night and day-night)

- Ammo for all the guns! ( royal bullets for the normal gun(s), rockets for rocket launchers and lazer gun ammo )

- 2 Super Weapons! ( The Flame thrower and prototype is dangerous!!! )

- Chocolate! chocolate food, drinks, ore, armor and blocks!

- 4 Kinds of Coins ( mostly used for multiplayer trading)

- 1 Super Food

- Magic Ore, block, armor and wand!

- Note : not every thing is in the custom Creative tab! and also the download is .jar and not .zip

I fixxed the problem for my bug.

Project status
In development
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Modification files
RoyalCraft.jar - ( Old version )154.92 KB
RoyalCraft (New).jar - ( Old version )284.17 KB
RoyalCraft.jar - ( Old version )347.61 KB
RoyalCraft.jar - ( New Version. Download here )410.75 KB