Lightsaber Tools!

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Hello everyone! its been a while since a last made a mod so here you have: Lightsaber tools! so what this mod bassicly adds is tools from Star Wars' Lightsabers Hope you enjoy it!


First Release!

* Added Prism Stone (Crafting Item)

* Added Light Sabers (Weapons in 4 colours: green, blue, red, purple)

*Added Saber Pickaxes (Good Pickaxes in four Different colours: green, blue, red, purple)


Version 2.0 is here!

* Added A new colour: yellow

* Added Axes 

* Added Shovels

* Added a new weapon: Darth Revan's Lighsaber from The force awakens! (Strongest in the mod)

* Added The force (Item) Very hard to craft but if it is in your inventory it will effect you with : Haste II, Speed I, JumpBoost III

* Added A mob: Storm Trooper (Spawns at night, burns in daylight, 20Hp, and shoots the player)

* Added A mob: Sith Trooper (Spawns at night, cant burn, 100Hp, opens doors, kills villagers and the player)

* Added Armor: jedi robe (effects you with: Speed I and JumpBoost III, Protects you very well, -Low durability)

Future Plans:

! Structures?

! If you have any ideas please share them below Thanks!

Modification files
Saber Tools - Click Here To Download!Uploaded on: 12/07/2015 - 19:28   File size: 583.11 KB
Saber Tools Mod - Click here to download v2.0!Uploaded on: 12/12/2015 - 13:14   File size: 673.36 KB

Hi dude i like your mod... but kinda need more Mobs like A Jedi and Dark Vador if possible.