MCreator Community Mod 2.0(Remake)

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Hello Guys! This is Community Mod 2.0

All your ideas will be added in the mod!
Any idea is an good idea!
Both textures and full ideas would be appreciated, but not required!
You may use other peoples ideas to continue on and combine them with others!

This mod will be updated every 2 days!

Original Mod :… (Discontinued)

Developers :

Modification files
Community - Community Mod 1.0.0 (No mods added)Uploaded on: 12/08/2015 - 15:34   File size: 180.8 KB

Hey, I can help with development of this mod if you would like! I could make textures and models.

Some ideas are the 'Gasping Ghast Tower' a tower filled with ghosts and possibly new ghosts as well.

What is this mod about ? There's a theme ? Or it's just a lot of random things put together ?

Add a new material called Allium. It'll be the most powerful material ever (hence the "all" in the name) and will be extremely rare. I can make a texture for it if you'd like.

hmm ok how about a block that is the space core from portal 2 that will rarely fall out of the sky.
if you don't know what the space core is play portal 2 then