MineMaster1739's Color Mod

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This is the first mod I have ever made. New mobs, Owl, Plant Man, and Red Pig. New Dimension, The Green Dimension. New Blocks, tools, and food.

Helpful Tips (Spoilers):

Craft ore blocks, pickaxes, swords, and armor the same way that you would in non-modded minecraft.

Craft the Green Multitool like this:

O=Green fragment E=Emerald /=Stick




Craft the Green Arrow Launcher like a bow but instead of string use sticks and instead of sticks use Green Fragments.

There is a Green Dimension, use Green Fragment Blocks, and build the portal like normal, You get the igniter by smelting a Green Fragment Block.

There is some creative only items, and blocks too.

Uncraft ore blocks by placing the ore block in the middle of crafting table.

Owls wil drop, Raw Owl Meat and seeds, Plant Men will drop,  Raw Green Sausage and Green Fragments, Red Pigs will drop, Raw Red Pork

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