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This is the Trither mod. This sort of changes the game a bit, as it adds a new ore, new materials, armor, tools etc. But the main bit of Trither is the dimension. Made of thick clouds and generating like the Nether, you can enter it and make a new house, I suppose. Anyways, look below to see the items, blocks and a description. The crafting recipes are in the video.



Trither Pebbles - Got from Trither Ore. Used to make the portal igniter, Trither Gems and weak Trither Armor.

Trither Gems - Made from Trither Pebbles. Used to make strong Trither Armor, Trither Blocks and Trither Tools.

Portal Igniter - Made from a lever and Trither Pebbles. Used to light the portal.

Holy Water - Made from a bucket of water and glowstone. In the Trither Dimension.

Trither Tools - Made from Trither Gems. Used like any other tools.

Weak Trither Armor - Made from Trither Gems. Still quite strong.

Strong Trither Armor - Made from Trither Gems. Very strong.


Trither Ore - Found underground. Mine to get Trither Pebbles.

Trither Block - Made from Trither Gems. Used as a portal frame.

Cloud - Almost impossible to get in survival mode. Used as the ground in the Trither dimension.


Modification files
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