Extra blocks mod 1.7.10

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Hello, im superngbros, and this is my first mod: extra blocks mod! i just started it so dont expect much. (sorry about the pictures, i am not the best good picture taker) this mod is espesially for makking useless items into blocks (well some of them arent really useless but you get what i mean).

Currently there are 12 blocks! 3 with uses and the rest are good for building. 

Building blocks: sugar block, egg block, lether block, fether block, spider eye block, wither block, ender block, smooth endstone, smoth netherrack, bone block and sugar block!

Useful/Effect blocks: food block (refils the player hunger bars when right clicked!), gunpowder block (used for furnace fuel) and blaze block (also used for furnace fuel).

 i will add more blocks and useful blocks in the future. soooooooooo enjoy whats already added and build cool things with this mod :)

Modification files
Extra blocks mod 1.7.10.jar - The mod file, a .jar Uploaded on: 07/20/2016 - 22:59   File size: 147.99 KB