Experience Expansion Mod

Published by ISean on Sat, 12/26/2015 - 12:41
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Experience Expansion

Experience Expansion adds lots of tools,blocks and a dimension all around the idea of an Experience Ore which can be found in the over world

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Experience Stained Pickaxe

Eperience Stained Axe

Experience Stained Shovel

Experience Stained Multitool



Experience Light Sabor

Experience Stained Armor



Sabor Base

Light Sabor 

Placeable Enchant Table

Experience stained Flint and steel





Modification files

+Isean How to make stairs?

I used a model creator which MrCrayFish created. You can create any block you like. This includes slabs, stairs, fences ect. You have to make the stairs in all directions? Meaning north, south, east and west. You also have to include other stair forms.

*Note I have not done this yet...

I suggest going into events on right click on block it will change directions. I will be doing this in my new mod as Project craft or some name like that.

Please leave questions on my mod page or at my email at liamwats@yahoo.com