Advanced Survival (OLD)


Is minecraft too easy? Are you wanting more challenges or new mobs and items? This is the perfect mod. It will add new mobs, plants, foods, ores, blocks, weapons, armors, tools, bosses!!





Version 0.0.1 

Adds steel ore

Adds steel tools

Adds steel sword

Adds mod tab

Adds steel bar


Version 0.1

Changed Tool damage

Added berry plant and food

Added steel armor

Version 0.1.1 

Fixed Berry Bush texture


Version 0.2 

Added Rubber 

Added Rubber Ore

Added Uranium Chunk

Added Uranium Ore

Added Zack -Mob

Added Miner -Mob

Added Duck -Mob

Added Lab Coat

Added Lab Pants

Added Lab Boots

Added Safety Helmet

Added Butter

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In development