Skyla's Mod, Version 1.0

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Hi and Welcome to my Skyla's mod!

Skyla is my OC/Original Character or Persona of FNaF, and, I made this mod for him.

FNaS was the game when Skyla was gonna be, but,  I cancelled it, because I was the only person that was creating the game, nobody helped me.

Yes, a bit sad, but, that the game is closed, I dediced to make a mod for Minecraft of Skyla.

Wow! The mod was very hard to make, because, I tried in the 1.8 Version, but, the mob was not moving, was, like a statue.

But, finally, it worked in 1.7.10, All the Skins are made in Nova Skin at 256x128 pixels.

Here's are the mobs that are in the mod:

-Skyla the Killer Whale.

-Haunted Skyla the Killer Whale.

-Joke version of Skyla.

Also, the group of Skyla is here!:

Enjoy the mod and wait for updates!



Modification files
Skyla the Killer Whale mod for 1.7.10.zipUploaded on: 01/05/2016 - 17:42   File size: 47.31 KB

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