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EggsPlus started because I overbreed chickens and wanted more uses for the eggs, I got carried away....

There are 36? food & beverage recipes that display well on the shelves from 10paktimbits Decoration Mega Pack ( )
4 plants that can be started from seeds found in the grass and can be used in helpful ways.
A crabapple bush that is created from an apple & 3 seeds that can then be used to produce more apples.
2 "growing" plants that are found wild (wanted to use "static" however even with Mcreator 1.6.1 it wasn't working), these also are useful I just wish they didn't look so weird.

I'm not happy with my 16x images and have 128x images for resource packs here:…

I tried to size the recipe pages so they would be printable:…

I hope Mcreator has kept the proper output quantities since I have repeatedly had to fix them when adding additional items or altering existing ones.


I hope you enjoy this mod!

Modification files - EggsPlus by DianneVTUploaded on: 01/06/2016 - 15:41   File size: 430.43 KB

Recipes in png format are here:

oops my recipes are in pdn format from the program