Black Lucky Block Mod

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In development
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The Black Lucky Block mod is based on the Lucky Block Mod. You can get tons of different things from the black lucky block like nether stars or a ghast can spawn. There a only a few things in the first release that can happen from the black lucky block and more updates will come soon.




Adds black lucky block

Adds 8 new things that happen when black lucky block is destroyed


Changed Black Lucky Block Texture

Deleted 8 old things that can happen when black lucky block is destroyed

Nerfed Black Lucky Block

Adds 12 new things that can happen when black lucky block is destroyed

Added Tab


Changed how hard it is to break black lucky block

Changed to .jar




New Tab

New things that happen

New texture

Nerf Black Lucky Block


Black Lucky Block 

Some things that can happen in 1.0.0



Modification files
Black Lucky BLock - Black Lucky Block (12.6 KB)12.6 KB
Black Lucky Block - Black Lucky Block 1.1.0 .zip (12.6 KB)12.6 KB
Black Lucky Block 1.1.1.jar - Black Lucky Block 1.1.1.jar (15.69 KB)15.57 KB

this mod has been done before and it was a famous mod