Stormy's Valentine Mod

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A Mod Full of Love... New blocks, Food, Love Shack Dimension, Heart Wand, and Much Much More!! Collect Metal Heart Blocks and Boxes of Chocolates That spawn across the world break the box of chocolates and recieve 3 chocolate hearts, eat them when you get hungry to restore your health. make new items with the metal heart blocks.. Check out a new powerful wand that kills everything with 1 hit. use the bamboo heart plants(spawn in world)  to make new items including a Cup O' Love that gives a health boost, or maybe make some Cupcakes that give boosts. See spoiler for details..... I hope you enjoy this mod made with love <3<3<3<3 Happy Valentines To all !!!! a list of items and recipes to make the items see below.

1. Heart Block 1 

2. Heart Block 2 

3. Heart Block 3 

4. Heart Block 4 Comes From The Love Shack Dimension

5. Heart Block 5 

6. Box Of Chocolates - Spawn in World

7. Metal Heart Blocks - Spawn in World

8. Red Valentine Lamp 

9. Blue Valentine Lamp - all lamps are made the same except with different colors of die. blue for blue pink for pink and so on.

10. Green Valentine Lamp -   see red lamp spoiler

11. Purple Valentine Lamp -   see red lamp spoiler

12. Pink Valentine Lamp -  see red lamp spoiler

13.Orange Valentine Lamp - see redd lamp spoiler

14. Blue rose Block - 

15 .Bamboo Heart Plant - Spawn in World

16.  Strawberry Cupcake  Regeneration boost,  I know no strawberry's needed for this :P

17.  Chocolate Cupcake  Resistance boost 

18. Vanilla Cupcake  Fire Resistance boost 

19. Heart Ingot 

20.Heart Wand 

21. Heart wand Ammo 

22. Heart Ignitor 

23. The Love Shack Dimension 

24. Cup O' Love  Gives Health Boost 

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