Quantum Fun!

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Quantum Fun!

Downloaded 700+ Times! Mod of the week! Comment your reviews \/!

Version 1.2.0 is reccomended.

Next Update Plan:


NOTE - All old versions have been removed and periodically will be. The total download statistic will be kept handy, and additionally old versions can be found here: 


For my other mod that will have its own form soon look here:


NOTE - This mod does NOT accurately, nor attempt to, demonstrate quantum mechanics/physics/anything. Its mainly in the name.

NOTE - This mod, while released, is still a WIP. Multiple things are likely to be added eventually.

What is Quantum Fun?

Quantum Fun is a modification to Minecraft made using Mcreator (obviously). The mod adds multiple machines used for converting items, giving desirable effects, or spawning of mobs (more soon). This mod adds several new weapons, suits, and helpful materials. This mod adds many materials and even an entirely new dimension.

How do I play it?


I currently am preparing a google docs for this.



To start out, craft some Reactive Fuel using glowstone and redstone dust (use a craftguide mod to help with recipes. They are not shapeless yet).

Use this to create the Quantum Generator. This nifty device turns reactive fuel into quantum dust. this brings to tier one.

Tier One gadgets and such include:

Quantum Saber

Telsa Cannon (ammo - reactive fuel)

Quantum Dimension (uses Quantum Blocks, made with 9 quantum dust. Ignited with the Quantum Modifier)

Quantum Fuel

Quantum Invigorater (applies speed when powered by redstone)

To get to tier two, use the quantum dust to create a Quantum Grinder. This turns it into refined Quantum Dust.

Gadgets and such include:

Modified Saber

Drill Saber

Quantum Suit Armor (applies effects, to be debuffed soon)

Tier 2 is fairly limited as of now.

To get to tier three, use refined quantum dust to create the Quantum Enhancer, which creates enhanced quantum ingots. This brings tier three, the most fun tier.

Gadgets and such include:

Beam Sword (comes in 4 different colors!)

Philosopher's Stone (can be used to cast lightning and summon Quantum Beings. Have this in your inventory with the beam sword to have powerful arrows and the ability to spawn beings)

Enhanced Suit Armor (adds many effects - to be debuffed maybe)

This next part is technically tier 3, but for intensive purposes we will call it the "Pure Matter Tier". You first need to make a Quantum Confribulator, which spawns Quantum Chickens. Killing these will give you Edible Matter. Next you need to make a Matter Builder, the most advance machine so far. This will let you turn edible matter into Pure Matter Blocks. Break these for 9 pure matter.

You can enter the Matter Dimension, which is composed of pure matter, and a few hostile lifeforms. They are powerful, so beware. It is a useful way to collect large amounts of matter but requires an investment and good gear.

What is matter used for?

Crafting, everything.

You can craft items such as diamonds, gold, emerald, squid spawn eggs, Grain, and creeper heads (soon to add more) using this fantastic item. You will need other components to shape the recipe but otherwise you can essentially turn coal into diamonds.



-Quantum Portal constantly spawns zombie pigman.

-When using a material to convert on another machine, the last material never works. Always have at least 1 spare.


Please add suggestions in the comments below, so that I can add them in future releases.


-Pocket dimension.

-Alternate Reality dimension.

-More tools.

-Some balancing of current weapons.

-More hostile mobs to use that nifty Beam Sword-Philosopher's Stone combo on.

Modification files
Quantum Fun 1.2.0.zipUploaded on: 01/30/2016 - 18:51   File size: 693.12 KB
Quantum Fun 1.1.5.jarUploaded on: 01/29/2016 - 00:40   File size: 681.14 KB
Quantum Fun 1.1.3.zipUploaded on: 01/28/2016 - 04:36   File size: 669.7 KB
Quantum Fun 1.1.0.zipUploaded on: 01/25/2016 - 04:00   File size: 663.81 KB

This mod has actually been lost because of a glitch, so I saved a copy of Advance Alloys via exporting mcr, and factory reset MCreator to avoid more issues that I kept having. Now this mod will be completely remade over the weekend up to version 1.2.2, and for now on only major released will be displayed here. It won't have anything new, just 1.2.0 with some fixes. That's all.

@SngLol perhaps.

Make an "Add Box" like me! In the mod description! If you don't get what I mean, check out my mod description (under the tab "Advertisment")

Now issues! Whenever I load Quantum Fun in my Workspace, it gives me Advance Alloys instead! This means it is impossible for me to update it right now. I'll try to solve this!

MOD OF THE WEEK! FANTASTIC! I have already recorded the video tutorial, once it is edited and uploaded, I'll add it to this page, along with 1.2.0!

Thanks for the enormous amount of downloads! I'm too tired to continue adding anymore, so I'll do so later. Time to get working on 1.2.0!

1.1.5 is out! This adds the Drill Saber in four colors and alters a crafting recipe. Tutorial out on 1.2.0, the next released update! I'll also start making experimental downloads, only able to be downloaded on the google docs (also see description for link) https://docs.google.com/document/d/105ufNFpcWTReyOnt-35PItnbBtVfOL0HYmq0AW9lRQ8/edit

The second I add the update and fix up some things a huge amount of downloads come! Thank you, sorry that I didn't weight 1.1.3 as the highest, make sure to download that. It adds very little though so enjoy 1.1.0 by all means! All it does it debuff the suits and add a Nether Star Matter recipe. Video soon!

1.1.0 has been uploaded! Apologies for you all downloading the new files. Also make sure to download the one on the bottom, not the top.

Since some machines cannot have crafting, I have updated the Progression thread so it isn't impossible to play. Video soon.