Improved Minecraft (ver. 1.1.0)

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Improved Minecraft changes the Experience Default Minecraft gives you.

it adds Fantasy Blocks and Items you wouldn't expect.



-Added Rainbow Block

-Added Limestone

-Added Limestone Bricks

-Added Slimeball as a Fuel in Furnaces

-Added Furnace Recipe (Rotten Flesh to Leather)

-Added Slime Ingots (Smelt Slimeballs)

-Added Slime Pickaxe and Slime Axe

-Added Slime Chestplate, Boots and Leggings

Next Update coming soon!


-Added Meaty Monster


-Removed Meaty Monster

-Added Slime Shovel


-Added Slime Helmet


-Added Enderpearl Block

-Added Moldy Apple

-Added Slime Ore

1.1.0 Snapshot 1

-Added Sapphire Ore

-Added Sapphire

1.1.0 Snapshot 2

-Added Meaty Monster

(I remade it and it WORKED!)

1.1.0 The Stuff Update

-Added Owner Clone

-Added Tin Ore

-Added Compressed Coal Ore

-Added Godgello Grass Block

-Added Steel Ingot

-Added Grenium Steel Ingot

1.1.2 - Stuff Happened

1.1.3 - The Mecha Update


1.1.5 - Stuff Happened

Added Mecha Stuff


Ask me if you want the previous downloads. i'll upload them to Mediafire or Dropbox and then tell your the website link to download them.

although im not sure why you would want the older unstable and less-featured mod.

Tell me if i missed anything in the changelog in the comments

hope you enjoy!




Modification files
[1.8] Improved Minecraft - MC Version : 1.8.9 - Mod Version : 1.0.7Uploaded on: 01/24/2016 - 01:14   File size: 88.31 KB
[1.8.1] Improved Minecraft 1.1.0 (Full Release).zip - MC Version : 1.8.9 - Mod Version : 1.1.0 - The Stuff UpdateUploaded on: 02/06/2016 - 15:20   File size: 135.33 KB
[1.8] Improved Minecraft 1.1.3 - The Mech - MC Version : 1.8.9 - Mod Version : 1.1.3 - The Mecha UpdateUploaded on: 02/10/2016 - 18:53   File size: 178.13 KB
[1.8] Improved Minecraft - MC Version : 1.8.9 - Mod Version : 1.1.5Uploaded on: 02/12/2016 - 17:09   File size: 188.52 KB

Making an Video of your mod :) Great Mod, posting it here so i hope you will like it.