IuStrenght's RPG Mod [Official UnFixable]

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diz mod is closd cuz mcretor bgs..Srry :(
"This mod is closed beacuse MCreator Bugs..Sorry :("
BTW, if you want to view old desc, feel free!
The Next Mod By Me will be released when the new version of MCreator will be released!

Welcome to my latest mod..IuStrenght's RPG MOD Snapshop 16w10a

ChangeLog :

Snapshop 16w10a
-Initial release
-Added Nether Crystal
-Added Nether Tools and Armor
-Added Mithril Ore
-Added Mithril Ingots,Tools and Armor
-Added Blue Dimension(Igniter = Blue Pearl)
-Added Onyx Ore (Useless in this version, found in Blue Dimension)

-The First Stable Release
-Added Onyx Ingot
-Added Onyx Tools and Armor(Like regular ones), but, to make Onyx Tools you will need Mithril Stick :

The Battle Axe Crafting

-Added IuStrenght Mod
-Added Onyx Biome(No change to found, useless, will be used for the Black Dimension[Next Snapshot])

This mod adds Nether Crystal

With Nether Crystal you can make tools and armor(like the regular ones) and you can make Nether Core : 

If you right click, you will have Regen. III for 3 seconds

In the ground you can found Mithril Ore, if you smelt it you will recive a Mithril Ore, you can make with it Tools , Armor and Blocks(Like regular ones)

qTiberiw's(One of my best firends) Bow is a powerfull automatic bow. Recipe :

The Blue Dimension :
Use Mithril Blocks for frame
Use Blue Pearl for Igniter
Recipe :

Credits :
IuStrenght - Mod, Custom Textures
qTiberiw - qTiberiw's Bow Texture
Photoshop CC 2015 - Custom Texture
MrCrayFish Model Creator - Custom Models

Official Mod Website : WIP

Modification files
IuStrenght's Mod.zip - IuStrenght's Rpg Mod Snapshot 16w10aUploaded on: 01/26/2016 - 20:24   File size: 139.63 KB
Mod.zip - IuStrenght's Rpg Mod 1.0 - First Stable ReleaseUploaded on: 01/27/2016 - 20:12   File size: 211.19 KB