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Tired of old minecraft food ? You at righ place! In Norby's mod we have +20 foods new, as meatballs.

In my mod I added beans(no use for them yet), meatballs with spagetti with can be crafted too! If you too cold eat a chicken soup! 

Soon I'll add somethings new like frying pan, oven [...] Have fun with this mod a cook very very much!


We have achivements:

 Getting drunk(drink wine)
Getting fat (eat chips or drink a coke)
Getting a chef (make some meatballs)

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Modification files - Tired of old minecraft food ? You at righ place! Uploaded on: 01/27/2016 - 18:44   File size: 104.38 KB

Hello there! If you downloaded my mod,a and you want help me, please give sugestions here :D
Thank you all!
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