Colored Diamonds

Published by DUFFSMYLE on Sat, 01/30/2016 - 14:50
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The Colored Diamonds Mod is a Mod they add some colored Diamonds.

The Diamonds are from varios Biomes. If u want a Diamond u need to farm some matrials of the Biom.

Red Diamond=Nether

Yellow Diamond=Desert

Grey Diamond=Mushroom Biom

Purple Diamond=Extrem Hills

Orange Diamond=Savanna

Green Diamond=Jungle

Steel Ingot=Obsidian and Black Dye also a Iron Ingot

With that all Matrials u can craft some colored Swords or a Diemond and with the Diemond u can craft a Biom Sword that deals 54 Attack Damage

Modification files
Colored - A Mod they addet some colored Diamonds and Swords81.5 KB