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Embermod adds many elements to Minecraft, such as weapons, biomes, and dimensions; but Embermod also adds in much more. To go along with Embermod, I highly recommend getting another mod that shows you the recipes of items and blocks, such as crafting guide, or not enough items. Some of the dimensions require a strong computer, so consider yourself warned. Shadowlets can be smelted from shadowlet ore, and also drop off shadow ghasts and shadowfish. Bluerock, black diamond, amethyst, shadowlet, and ruby ore spawn underground. To get fire to craft with, go to the desert and destroy the red plants there. Frozen acid can be found in the frozen acid biomes, which spawn in icy places.

This is a list of the dimensions, their lighters,  and how to make the portal.

d.1-frame=coal block, lighter= lighter 1

d.2- frame=coal ore, lighter= lighter 2

d.3- frame=packed, ice lighter= lighter 3

d.4- frame=sandstone, lighter= 4

d.5- frame=dirt, lighter= lighter 5

d.6- frame=web, lighter= lighter 6

d.7- frame=mushroom hunk (from mod), lighter= lighter 7

d.8- frame=sponge, lighter= lighter 8

d.9- frame=glass, lighter= lighter 9

d.10- frame=trapmine (from mod), lighter= lighter 10

d.11- log, lighter= lighter 11

d.12- frame=lapis block, lighter= universal gem

d.13- frame=snow, lighter= magic crystal

d.14- frame=wool, lighter= lighter 13

This mod was made with Mcreator (obviously), you can download it at



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