Test Stuff 1.0

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This is my first mod called Test Stuff. This mod adds some new stuff in Minecraft. The 1.0 version of the mod adds: Sky Melon, Water Fish, Lava Fish, Milk Fish, Oil Fish, Oil Bucket, Mithril Crystals and Iron Piece.

The Sky Melon can be crafted with 1 melon and 4 prismarine shards and 4 prismarine crystals.

The Oil Bucket can be crafted with 1 water bucket, 1 slime ball, 1 paper and one coal.

The Water/Lava/Milk/Oil Fish can be crafted with a fish over the Water/Lava/Milk/Oil Bucket.

The Small Mithril Crystals can be found in villages and grass.

The Mithril Crystal can be crafted with 4 mithril crystals, 4 diamond and one emerald.

The Iron Piece can be craft with iron ingot or it can be found in villages and grass.


Textures: Creating Texture

1.9 Update coming soon...



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There will be come no more updates because mcreator has mod recompile errors!

Thanks! I will remake this mod for 1.9 and hope that i can do updates in the new one!