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Mod that has pretty much everything (Armor, Dimension, Mobs, Items, Biomes etc.). You Can Find boss mob in Fidlands Biome. Ores are really rare and stuff that you make out of it is OP - Everything is fair! This mod has also Amazing custom item textures! They look amazing! The review of this mod will be up one time to show off. You can find ores half a way down (by down i mean bedrock) and you also can find other ores in dimension. To create a dimension portal you have to make a frame out of Nether Bricks and make a custom igniter
         If you want to make your own mod and you are not good at scripting and/or modelling, try Mcreator! It is really easy to uce but at the same time you can make pretty advanced mods usng it.

         To get better hang of all the crafting recipes, use "NotEnoughItems" mod. Simply Right Click onto the block to view its crafting recipe!

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