Revival of Mestia

Published by Scarabyte on Sun, 02/28/2016 - 04:57
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l:Revival of Mestia Version 0.0.1: It all began so innocently:l

This mod will attempt to slowly update over time with ever expanding content, being a mod that will add new features and expand upon current ones, this is however the first release so not much is yet included, so far the mod includes

Enraged Stone Golems: These little golems hunt down Villagers and Players alike, who is ordering these little monsters and how can they be stopped?

The Cindering Plains and the Demonic Flame souls: A burning hillside of  smoke and ash, at night the firey demons rise from the earth to smite those who walk these lands

The Strange Ellite ore and it's glowing powers: A strange new metal has been unearthed by the greatest metallurgists of the age, will you be the one to uncover it's secrets?


This is only some of the content that awaits in version 0.0.1 of the Revival of Mestia!


Upcoming Updates:

The Golemancers Reign

Ashes of the Fallen

The Ellite Engineer


Mestia's Age


Once these are released the next set of updates will be announced! Keep an eye out to see what happens next!



The next update will be ready soon! It will not include the updates final boss at first, but will come with a lot of new content to the mod includingl:

7 new mobs!

2 new ores!

1 new armor set!

2 special mobs that will require summoning items to fight!

3 new potions!


Modification files - Revival of Mestia 0.0.1: Base Release9.56 MB

Really nice mod i am looking forward to the updates

I'm trying to get a decent bit of content ready for the next release, hopefully will be ready by wednesday at the latest