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If you're bored with potions and enchantments, or just want an extra edge when fighting mobs, then the Mystical Items mod is for you! This mod adds 9 artifacts (more to come) which will help you out. However, to make them less overpowered, there are downsides that kick in after 15 minutes of use. Below I have a detailed description of how to craft/find each of the items.

The mod maker is by MCreator, the mod was created by Cinema12Studios.



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Green Crystal Totem

This item allows you to mine, walk, and regen faster. First, you'll have to find and mine some green crystal ore:

Green Crystal ore

Then, you have to smelt it to get the green crystal:

Green Crystal Smelting

Unfortunately, the crystal causes you damage when its in you're inventory. Craft a necklace for the crystal to sit on:

Necklace Chain Crafting

And finally put it all together:

Green Crystal Totem

To use the item, put it in the body armor shot. Unfortunately, there's a bug so the item adds body at the end of all body armor slot pieces. Either way, when you put it on, you get some nice effects! However, after 14000 ticks, (about 15 minutes) of use, you have overused the totem, and will get a nausea effect whenever you use it.


Fist of the Gods

This artifact allows you to punch with the strength of the gods (and have some fire resistance)! First, you need a lot of gold. You're going to want to smelt the gold 3 times to get FIREY GOLD INGOTS.




Then, after finding a blue gem in a dungeon, you can craft it with some blaze powder!

Crafting it

Now, you can usually 2 punch mobs. After 15 minutes though, you get some hunger. Also, there is the bug where "body" is put after the item name.


Preserved Golden Apple

This is very simple, basically you store a golden apple, and by having it in your inventory, you get absorbtion and regen.

Golden Apple (preserved)

Watch out though, because after 15 minutes (cumulative) of use, you get a weakness effect.


Carthynian Nautilus Shell

You can find this shell in dungeons, and it allows you to see and breath underwater, but you have to keep the right mouse button down. After 15 minutes of use, you get a minor poison effect.

Carthynian Shell

Note: I intend to in the future have the shell drop from a rare, special type of sand, but there is a bug that crashes the game whenever I try to make it appear naturally in the world.


Levitation Amulet

When you right click with this amulet, you will be teleported up one block. Unfortunately, MCreator isn't for 1.9 yet so I can't use the levitation effect. You recieve a very high amount of absortion for a short period of time so that you don't die from fall damage. The amulet is crafted with mystical blue gems.

Levitation amulet

Cloak of Invisibility

This cloak does the obvoius: makes you invisible. To craft it, you need a ton of invisibility potions.

XL potion

After crafting the XL Invisibility potion, craft the cloak:

Cloak creation

I know that this strictly isn't a "mysical item" persay, but it still is pretty cool. Remember, after 15 minutes, though, the downside is blindness.


Nether Portal Piece

Originally, I had a way to craft portals, which allows the crafting of this artifact in survival. However, I had a bug where the game crashed whenever I tried to craft the portal block. Nether portal pieces can be found in dungeons (or in creative :) ). When you right click, you are teleported between the nether and the world. However, there is a 5% chance that you will be teleported even when it's just in your inventory.



To get this item, you need to make a really, really, really, large pile of bones. Since this is the best artifact in the mod, due to the fact that when you right click you get endless food, the recipe has to be really hard. First stack some bones:

Bone pile

And then stack some more:

Bone pile

Then you have to craft a mold and fire it:

Crafting the mold

Firing the mold

Then melt the bones and pour them into the mold:

Melting bones

Making the Cournocopia

In future versions, I'll make it so you eventually get slowness from all the food.


Gloom Disc

So far, I haven't yet made the disc item itself. I've made the dimension, which can be accesed through a portal that can be built in creative. The material is gloom stone, and is ignited by a gloom stone shard. I'll come out with an improved version soon.

The gloom


Hope you like this mod! Sorry for the long crafting list. If you have any suggestions or bugs to report, let me know!

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This is an amazing mod! Maybe make it a small bit more colorful?

To be honest, one of the best mods I've seen made with MCreator. And nice organized post. Keep up the great work!