Awkward Spiders Mod. (WIP)

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The  Awkward Spiders Mod adds lots of new items, recipes, food, tools, armor and more.

This mod adds a new armor called stone armor. When you craft stone armor the armor piece will come with an enchantment.

When you put a spider eye in a furnace you get Roasted Spider Eye.

You can make a new tool call Bug-Away. when you craft it, it comes with an enchantment that kill spiders and silverfish in one hit.

You can craft a new plant called spider reeds. when you plant them on tilled dirt then could grow up to 3 blocks high when you break them you get 2 string from each block.

You can craft 8 spider eggs with 1 spider eye and 4 rotten flesh.

You can craft a gun called Web Shooter. It use string for ammo and shoots string.


Modification files
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