Armory Arsenal Mod

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Armory Arsenal Mod is a mod that adds new weapons to minecraft. Currently there are only 7 new weapons, but there are a lot more to come soon (in the next update). The current weapons are:


Crowbar, crafted with 4 Iron ingots. 

Iron Dagger, crafted with 1 stick and 1 Iron ingot.

Cleaver, crafted with 1 stick and 2 Iron ingots.

Baseball Bat, crafted with 1 stick, 1 wood slab, and 1 wood planks. (all must be the same color, Arcadia and Dark Oak don't work) 

Kitchen Knife, crafted with 1 Iron Dagger and 1 Iron ingot.

Katana, crafted with 1 Kitchen Knife and 1 Iron ingot.

Screwdriver, crafted with 1 stick, 2 yellow dye, and 1 Iron ingot.

Crafting Recipes Included in download.


What's Coming next? 8+ New Weapons including: 

Cricket Bat.

Cane Sword.

Bone Shiv.

Multi Tool.


and Broken Plank.

Modification files
Extract Me - Armory Arsenal Mod Version 0.1 - Build 188.56 KB