+Food mc1.7.10 v0.3

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In development
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Updated v0.3 Changelog:

Added: Bee {drops from grass, Cook in a Oven to Get Honey}

Added: HoneyBlock {Lights up the Place}

Added: HoneyComb {Use to Open the Portal}

Added: Honey Dimension {Made from Honey Blocks}

Added: Syrup Bottles

Added: Honey Tools

Fixed: Honey Dimension lighting/colour

Added: Honey Biome {Honey Dimension Biome}

-More things to Explore

+Food mod is a Mod that will add Over 100+ foods and ores/tools in the Future!

Do not Copy/Publish/Edit this mod.

Modification files
+Food.jar - Adds more Food to the GameUploaded on: 03/25/2016 - 04:38   File size: 146.82 KB