Expansion Mod (Alpha)

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In development
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This is a ALPHA or PRE-ALPHA mod, still in development, that will expand Minecraft with new ores, dimensions, and bosses. I repeat, it's in ALPHA, and it can have errors or bugs: if you see a bug, pls, comment the bug and I'll repair it for the next version. Srry about my bad english :3

Modification files
Expansion Mod 1.8 Alpha V.1.0.2.zip - A alpha version of the Expansion Mod.561.44 KB

@#2 It's because in the past, I think to do this mod with the name Minecraft 2.0 Mod, like a Minecraft Mod that complete Minecraft, but i thinked that it can be an expansion mod, putting more items and ores. I tried to put a food but it has a lot of bugs, that's because in this version of this mod there aren't the new food. I'll put more trees, ores, foods, dimension, and bosses.

Someone can say me if you can see the textures? I can't, and I don't know why D: Help