Dirt Pigs Mod 4.0! 1.7.10

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Pirt Pigs. The Best pigs. Many Awesome new items added in this mod. DirtPigs4.0 (1.7.10 Forge)                                                                                                  

Changelog:   1.0:     Added:Pirt Pig, Dirty Porkchop (recipe availible)

2.0: Added: Biome,Pirt stone, Pirt wood, Pirt Leaves, Dirty Grass         

3.0: Removed Biome and some bugs

4.0.0: Added: Dimension, Armor, Tools, Weapons, Special Items

Known Bugs:  Pigman spawn out of portal.

Comment any bugs you find out. PLease credit me if put on other website or mod review. Thank you.






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