Eternal Expansions

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Eternal Expansions is a mod created using the software MCreator.

It is a RPG mod that is in development. This is not just a mod that i decided to make when i was bored....Its a new project. This mod will be updated frequently during its beta updates and alpha stages (having less content) but will take a while until a full release of a version comes out (Having much more content). Ideas are always welcome. Screenshots and a video will be available when the full release comes out. So until then, Have fun with the mod and leave your ideas in the comments.

Beta Update 1
> Added Platinum Ore
> Added Platinum Ingot
> Added Platinum Block
> Added Platinum Sword, Tools and Armour
> Added Bloodstone Ore
> Added Bloodstone
> Added Bloodstone Block
> Added Bloodstone Sword, Tools and Armour
> Added Vibrantin Ore
> Added Vibrantin
> Added Vibrantin Block
> Added RedWood Biome
> Added Red Grass and Red Dirt
> Added Glowstone Lamp and Rivore Block
> Added Concrete and Steel
> Added ReInforced Ore
> Added ReInforced Gem
> Added ReInforced Diamond Sword
> Added ReInforced Iron Sword
> Added ReInforced Diamond Armour
> Added 6 New Creative tabs

Next Update : Beta Update 2

Modification files