Equivalent Exchange Dank Edition

Published by Gunter69 on Tue, 04/05/2016 - 09:21
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One day, I was playing Tekkit Legends and I needed Equivalent Exchange 3 for a project I was working on, but it didn't work correctly. So, I created my own Equivalent Exchange 3 surrogate, Equivalent Exchange Dank Edition (shortly EEDE). What is this mod, you ask? I suppose we all know the typical Minecraft struggle of having a buttload of carrots because you have a huge carrot farm, while you want to build an epic underground dungeon out of mossy stone brick, but of course, no-one just has a few double chests of mossy stone bricks laying around. Well, this mod allows you to turn carrots into mossy stone bricks with a few simple crafting recipes. Keep in mind that not all items can be converted of synthesised. A full explanation on how to use EEDE can be found inside the download.

Note that this mod is in no way affiliated with the original Equivalent Exchange.

Modification files
Equivalent Exchange Dank Edition 1.7.10.zip - Donload EEDE Here For Free! Is Not Virus!371.7 KB