Sethome Mod

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This mod adds 3 simple commands to Minecraft:

  1. /sethome: Use this to set your home coordinates, as well as your spawnpoint.
  2. /home: Use this to teleport to your home coordinates.
  3. /removehome: Use this to delete your home coordinates*. 
 *This command won't exactly delete your home coordinates, because of how variables work. It will reset your home coordinates to 0,64,0, and set the blocks at this location to air, so that you won't suffocate. It won't change your spawnpoint, though.

Feel free to tell me your opinions about this mod, give me feedback, and make videos and reviews on it!

Modification files
SethomeMod.jarUploaded on: 03/25/2017 - 11:07   File size: 477.95 KB

i give 9/10. the mod is awesome and everything.but, it would be more useful if it was for 1.7.10

I would have made it that when you delete the home then it sets a variable to false and when ever you do the command it tests for the variable and if it isn't true then it wont allow /sethome and you could make it so then when it is false then it tells you that there is no home set