Mundane Armory Mod

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Have you ever wanted to beat up zombies and creepers with baseball bats? Or air guns? Or even a legit katana? TOO BAD, Minecraft only lets you use swords and other outdated garbage. This mod brings you into the future with an arsenal of weapons in a variety of styles that are all current and amazing! Send foes flying with a Major League Baseball Bat! Obliterate foes with an air gun! Toast them with a hair spray and lighter flamethrower! Chop up defenseless animals with an assortment of knives! Go further into the future than we are and use the powerful plasma and laser beams to eviscerate unsuspecting monsters! Or even wield the most likely illegal MEGA BEAM... Just don't fire it next to you, I MEAN IT! Waste all of your diamonds and emeralds attempting to craft the high end weapons! Have a good time finding out some of these recipes without NEI or some other mod because not only are the best of the weapons expensive, (As Should) they are also very "interesting" to make! So what are you waiting for? The 10 or so achievements are beckoning for you! Your enemies have no reason to fear you! Yet. You haven't fulfilled your dream of smacking a spider with a frying pan made of gold! So download today so these amazing things may happen to you! If the mod and its many weapons and recipes are too complicated for you. You can check out the review and guide to the mod on my channel.

Modification files
Mundane Armory (Jar Version).jar - Jar Version Of The ModUploaded on: 04/10/2016 - 18:47   File size: 236.61 KB
Mundane Armory - Zip Version Of The ModUploaded on: 04/10/2016 - 18:47   File size: 236.73 KB