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This mod is in beta so please be aware of glitches,commands that spam up chat and other stuff. and please report so i can improve on it via youtube (binnyplays) pylo (binny3577) or if you have the chance, minecraft (Sc0useG4m3r)

Modification files
bettermcmod1.7. 10 - This mod is in beta now so keep an eye out for bugs or glitches then report to binny3577 (or Sc0useG4m3r as his username)Uploaded on: 04/11/2016 - 20:33   File size: 238.41 KB

this mod adds a lot of things such as;

2 biomes.

a new diamond plant so you won t have to find the diamonds underground (handy for mod packs) (as you can see on screen.)

a new boss (the bottom on screen)(well hes kinda not new... but he is improved alot)

3 new dimensions(one of them is in progress..) (more coming soon)

a new achivement (it might work. to get the achivement get the new and rare god gold ingot. which makes the armour and sword (the steve on top wearing the armour)

and more (even more will come soon) ;)

Q and A:

Q:can i make a mod review of this?
A: Sure ;) aslong as you give credit to Sc0useG4m3r(aka binnyplays or binny3577)

Q: can i use this for a mod pack?
A:yes. but be aware of glitches if some other mods have same content as this mod. or crashes. if there are any crashes or glitches let me know ;)

Q:Is there anything I can do to help?
A:yes there is actually.. i need people who are good with texture making (im horrible with textures D:)

Q:can i use this on a server?
A: sadly... no. it is in beta and it will lag and crash your game. so sorry about that D: