Glorious World

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read this before you judge my mod: This is the first mod i am uploading, it is also the first mod i have made which works nicely so please consider that before hating on my mod.


This mod adds many things and there is many crafting recipes and items and so i will not be putting e very detailed description of everything because i am very busy making the mod. there are plenty of glitches that need fixing, i will gather a list of them to put in this decription, this mod is still WIP so please tell me when there are glitches. I AM NO CODING GENIUS IF YOU CRASH BECAUSE OF MY MOD THEN TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE THE CRASH SO I CAN TRY TO FIX IT. if you need to know recipes then find a mod that shows recipes such as crafting guide. if you want to know what something does then tell me (i am forgetful so i might take some time or even not reply)

I have had an issue and lost all of my progress on this mod i will not be updating this mod i will leave this post here because it is still a nice mod but from now on this mod will not be updated.