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Hello Everyone this is my 5th mod i believe and this one is called "karma Mod". This mod is very small there not much todo in it yet but there will be more to this mod...Maybe I hope you enjoy this small mod




Karma Block (Made with 9 Karma gems crafted like an iron block)

Karma's Sword (crafted like any other sword)

karma Gem (Obtain by killing Karmas)

Karma Amulet (Crafted with A string in the middle and a Karma Gem underneath it, its used to ignite the portal)

Karma's Domain (Made like a nether portal...since pylo never added any new portal frames...and i cant code..)

Karma Armor (Made like any other armor)

Karma (A mob that "Floats" around)


Enjoy the mod



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Modification files
Download Link.zip - Download Link INSIDE! - Karma Mod V 1.0.0Uploaded on: 04/15/2016 - 19:51   File size: 191 bytes