[1.9] You Are Jen

Published by Sonyika on Sat, 04/16/2016 - 17:33
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This mod is made for PopularMMOs!

I hope They like it! :)


Sorry for my English, I'm Hungarian.

The Next Update: For 1.8.9: 2016.05.14 For 1.9 2016.05.15

I worked very hard on this mod, I don't have enough time, so I choosed this awsome modmaker! :)

This mod is 1.9 but there is some older version for 1.8.9. Or if Pat & Jen want to use it in Epic Proportions i can make it to 1.7.10.

There are bugs in the 1.9 version, I try to fix them, and a lot of item not in the 1.9 version. If You can use the 1.8.9. I update the 1.8.9 & 1.9 version every week one.

Version 1.6.7 & 1.6.9 update:

- Removed Jen mob spawning.

- You can use Pink Block & Pink Dust as fuel.

- Cookie block  drops 9 cookie insted itself.

- Added Jen Spawning Stick. //Only 1.8.9 NOTE: When You spawn a Jen it will spawn 2 but 1 is a "ghost", If You exit from Your world and relog it will disapers.

This mod adds a new things, but later it adds more:

  • Pink Ore: Can be found in the main world, if you mine it, it drops Pink Dust.
  • Pink Dust: Dropped by Pink Ore, you can make tools, or use it as fuel.
  • Pink Apple: Better than Golden Appple and much cheaper, and it's pink JEN!
  • Pink Axe: very strong, and fast axe. //NOT in 1.9
  • Pink Hoe: It's not very strong but it's okay...
  • Pink Shovel: What can i say? It's a normal shovel but has a lot of attack damage...
  • Pink Sword: If you right click it shoots arrow!
  • Pink Pickaxe: Very powerful...
  • Pink Apple Cow: WOW what the fastest and cheapest way to have Pink Appel? Kill them all!
  • Jen Armour: It's pink and give a lot of good potion effect.
  • Coocked Pufferfish:  Give 25ms of  regeration. Jen: How dare you? You cooked a pufferfish?
  • The mod add 3 new achievement.
  • PufferFish Mob!!!!!!
  • Jen's Thunder stick: Right click and a lighting is went into you... ( I think that's how to say it...) But don't worry it will gives you regereration, resistanc, and deal damage for the mobs.
  • SuperGirlyGamer Deadhless Armour: Jen! Now you never dead! It's always give you the same effect as Lucky Potion, for forever!  (But if you wear the armour, you looks a tiny little bit chubby...) //In 1.9 inted of Pink Apple You need to use Pink Block

  • Lovely Tree: I know Jen build it for 1 hour, but now only a right click you can make an another tree...
  • Pink Block

  • Pink Dust
  • Cookie Block
  • Strawberry Plant: after a few seconds You can harvest and You get Strawberry Food. //NOT in 1.9
  • Strawberry Food //NOT in 1.9
  • Strawberry Seeds: You can craft  Strawberry Plant from it. //NOT in 1.9
  • Ancient Ruby: Very rear.
  • Ruby
  • Ancient Ruby Tool: Very powerful tool, can break anything. //NOT in 1.9
  • Jen Spawning Stick //NOT in 1.9
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why not call it the be the killer mod lol love this mod it is so cool pat should use this