Published by musiccat2 on Mon, 04/18/2016 - 21:38
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The Drinks Mod Is my Awesome Mod That i Created In My Spare Time

The Mod Adds-

15 Items These Include




-Cup Of Water

-Cup Of Lava

-LiquidEnder (Tellaports you inbetween Ender And Overworld)


-Carbonater (When You right Click In Air With This Item it will change one Cup Of Water You Have into CarbonatedWater)





-Syringe (When You right Click In Air With This Item Will Fill One Cup With the Expense of half a heart, Yuck)

-Cup Of Blood (Gives You Poison if you drink it)

-Chocolate (Just For Eating)


Textures for all cups floating away from hand

Drinks Use Eating Animation

Modification files
DrinksMod.jar - Drinks Mod 1.0 for 1.8.9101.15 KB